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paara Company has been a new step in socks manufacturing industry since 1370 and has succeeded in successively and successively with the honor of providing its clients with new and desirable services.
With a history of sock production, paara Company has been able to use nano-fibers for the first time in Iran to produce excellent quality socks in 2008.

paara started to manufacture cotton socks with men's sock knitting machines, which at the time they were the first to put on sock swabs. These machines, although simple but of the highest quality socks, were introduced by the company. Single-cylinder and two-cylinder nano-fabricated sockets from Italy bring their socks to 500 yen per day, colorful designs on socks are designed by the most experienced graphic designer and then computerized Transmitted, continuous monitoring of managers and staff in the production of nano socks has caused an example order to me The production of socks is dominant, the cuffs of these nano-socks produced in the legs do not pull the leg and are not cut from the inside, the footwear socks of the foot company, with hundreds of times, washing the antibacterial and antifungal properties of all More importantly, it does not lose its anti-odor, the legs that are woven with nanoparticles and nano fibers have therapeutic properties. According to experts, according to the use of nanoparticles, which are the same particles of silver, it helps to circulate in the body, particles Nano-used in socks, at 250 ° C, goes to the fiber and has not been sprayed in any way to lose its properties with a rinse-off, socks Specialized tests in the laboratory leg of the votes, according to Tehran University and the Pasteur Institute, which is very positive result in the loss of nanoparticles is reached.



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No. 34, Hessam Alley, Khayyam Street, Tehran

Factory phone : 36905975 / 36905845
Telephone Sales Office: 55805943
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