Paara Company uses nano fibers for the first time in Iran to produce socks of high quality 





Nanoparticles used in paara socks, according to specialist experiments conducted at the University of Tehran lab and the Pasteur Institute, which has resulted in a very positive result in the absence of the loss of nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are the guarantor of health and comfort. But It is important to note that what does  the function of nano mean?
The answer to this question go back in the properties of silver in distroy germs. Silver nano particles removing bacteria and germs that cause bad smell, and gives the anti-allergenic and anti-fungal properties to your socks ...





paara Company has been a new step in socks manufacturing industry since 1370 and has succeeded in successively and successively with the honor of providing its clients with new and desirable services. With a history of sock production, Paara Company was able to use nano-fibers in iran for the first time in 2009 to produce excellent quality socks.  paara started knitting with knitting machines , Which it was the perfect way in this industry. This machines, although simple, but the top quality socks, were offered and ......






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No. 34, Hessam Alley, Khayyam Street, Tehran

Factory phone : 36905975 / 36905845
Telephone Sales Office: 55805943
Mobile number (9 to 16): 09120124825



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